Favorite Things: Color Street Nails

by Jeana
I heart color street

As a preface – I am horrible at doing my own nails. I rarely even buy polish unless I want to spend a couple of hours trying to do my toes, which is rarely.

I’ve used nail sticker type things in the past, but they’re either super time consuming (like Jamberry was) or feel like a heavy sticker (Incoco). I’m not above a press on nail either (Kiss has some great ones), but there doesn’t seem to be enough nail glue in the world unless it’s professionally done, and then we’re talking about expense and time when I am guaranteed to miss up my nails within a week. So, even though my salon fixes it for free, it’s still time consuming.

Enter Color Street Nails (link goes to my stylist). They’re lightweight, real polish, quick, easy, and inexpensive. Each package ($11-$13) contains two nail strips and if you have short nails like I do, you can use one strip for both hands which means one manicure (like pictured below) can cost around $6.

I’m not sure how long they last, only that they last at least a week and a half, which is how long I go before I switch it up. And ignore any user error on my part. I love them, but I’m not perfect at them.

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